Amigos Members to Vote on New Member Fees in April

Amigos Library Services members will soon be asked to vote on a new set of membership fees for the 2022-23 membership year and beyond.

In November 2020, the Amigos Board of Directors created a task force to analyze the factors and assumptions that serve as the basis for members' fees and to propose a new schedule that will serve the long-term needs of the organization and its members.

At its November 2021 meeting, the Board of Directors received and approved the task force's three recommendations, including two actions that have already been put in place for new and renewing Amigos members:

  • A more clarified definition of "library operating budget" as the basis for Amigos' assessment of member fees.
  • Use of the most recently published NCES, IMLS, state library, or self-reported budget data as the basis for assessment of member fees, providing a timely process to assign or reassign member libraries to a membership tier.

Adoption of the third recommendation, a revised and simplified membership fee schedule, requires a membership vote. Current Amigos members will vote on the new fees in mid-April through online balloting. In early April, as part of the annual voting process for the Amigos Board of Directors, members will receive information about the proposed member fees schedule and instructions for completing their vote. For more information about the April ballot, contact