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Founded by Mary Ann Liebert in 1980, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. is a leading independent publisher of scientific, technical, and medical content, known worldwide for identifying and nurturing critical topics and cutting-edge fields by creating first-to-market, specialized publications that play a vital role in advancing research and facilitating collaboration in academia, industry, and government. The company has published many firsts in the market, including AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, Human Gene Therapy, LGBT Health, and, most recently, The CRISPR Journal.

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. provides fast and flexible models for authors, libraries, and institutions that enable rapid dissemination and high visibility of published content.

Explore 90+ Journals in These Core Disciplines

  • Biotechnology and Regenerative Medicine - Leading-edge research and innovative applications in gene therapy, tissue engineering, stem cell research, and drug development
  • Biomedical Research - Comprehensive, interdisciplinary research across the fields of immunology, molecular and cellular biology, neuroscience, pathology, cancer research, pediatrics, and pharmacology
  • Medicine and Surgery - Exclusive therapeutic applications, best practices, and protocols in both established and emerging areas of patient diagnostics, treatment, and long-term care
  • Technology and Engineering - The latest innovations, discoveries, and technologies from world-renowned scholars and innovators in 3D printing, robotics, big data, and aerospace engineering
  • Law and Policy - Highly specialized, authoritative peer-reviewed reporting on the legal questions, issues, and controversies in biotechnology, elections, and gaming
  • Public Health Research and Policy - Critical, comprehensive information for managing today's most urgent public health concerns, including infectious diseases, foodborne illness, violence, child and adolescent health, and HIV/AIDS
  • Environmental Research and Policy - Comprehensive, multidisciplinary research and information for addressing today’s emerging environmental challenges
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