Amigos Board Announces Election Results, Selects Officers for 2018-19

Amigos Library Services is pleased to announce the following individuals have been elected to three-year terms on the Amigos Board of Directors:

  • Ms. Sheila Johnson, Dean of Libraries, Oklahoma State University, OK
  • Dr. Barbara Lovato, Library Director, University of New Mexico-Valencia Campus, NM
  • Ms. Jennifer Strayhorn, Library Director, Texarkana Public Library, AR-TX
  • Ms. Heather Hageman, Director, Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education, MO

They join returning Board members:

  • Ms. Linda Morgan Davis, Assistant Director for Collections and Community Engagement, The Public Library ABQ-BernCo, NM
  • Ms. Beth Farwell, Director of Central Libraries, Baylor University, TX
  • Mr. Dean Hendrix, Dean of Libraries, University of Texas at San Antonio, TX
  • Ms. Mary Blankenship Pointer, Republic Bank and Trust, OK
  • Ms. Gretchen McCord, Attorney and Consultant, Digital Information Law, TX, Independent Director
  • Mr. Steven Potter, Library Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mid-Continent Public Library, MO
  • Ms. Jean Waldrop, Library Director, Harding University, AR
  • Ms. Lisa Wells, Executive Director, Pioneer Library System, OK
  • Mr. Alan Kornblau, President & Chief Executive Officer, Amigos Library Services, Ex Officio

Board Officers for 2018-19 are:

  • Ms. Johnson, Chair
  • Ms. Strayhorn, Vice Chair
  • Ms. Pointer, Secretary
  • Ms. Farwell, Treasurer