Oxford University Press Updates

Oxford Reference Online Premium Collection, Oxford African American Studies Center, and Oxford Biblical Studies Online have been updated.

Oxford African American Studies Center
The editors of the Oxford African American Studies Center have added a group of 50 online-only biographies from the African American National Biography project. Also in this month’s update are 25 new primary documents highlighting African American women's history across a wide span of time periods. With accompanying commentary to clarify context and significance, each document is a demonstration of the remarkable contributions African American women have made to our society.

Oxford Reference Online Premium Collection
With this update, Oxford enhances and expands Oxford Reference Online Premium Collection's language and religion content, and offers brand new content dedicated to Sports Studies. With three new titles - The Oxford Dictionary of Word Origins, The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang, and A Dictionary of Sports Studies - and three new editions - A Dictionary of the Bible, A Dictionary of Popes, and The Oxford Dictionary of Idioms - plus thousands of other updated entries throughout the site, this update is packed full of interesting, useful, and trustworthy information.

Also, now available for download is a complete set of comprehensive new MARC records. These are generated by Bibliographic Data Services, experts in creation and supply of MARC records, and are compliant with NACO and SACO, and LoC guidelines for MARC for updating databases, and contain LoC and Dewey call numbers, in MARC21 format with MARC8 character encoding.

Oxford Biblical Studies Online
For the first update of 2010, the editors of Oxford Biblical Studies Online are excited to offer a new group of articles from the forthcoming [Oxford] Encyclopedia of the Bible. The entries cover several key books of the Bible including Genesis, 1 & 2 Kings, and the Book of Ruth, along with important figures such as Samson and (Simon) Peter. The site also offers a new thematic guide, “Kings and Kingship in the Hebrew Bible,” which forms part of a growing collection designed to provide a general introduction on many popular topics in Biblical studies including historical conflicts, movements, philosophy, people, and places. The February update also contains added resources for instructors — new lesson plans that demonstrate how Oxford Biblical Studies Online may be utilized in the classroom.

In addition to being named a Booklist Editors’ Choice selection for 2009, Oxford Biblical Studies Online has won the 2009 American Publishers Award for Professional and Scholarly Excellence for eProduct/Best in Reference Works. Congratulations!

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