Know & Go: BibFrame in RDF: a Look Under the Hood

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Catalogers and others interested in current developments in metadata, particulary BibFrame, the Library of Congress replacement for MARC 21.
Course Description

Previous Know & Go sessions have introduced the Semantic Web and its relation to BibFrame. This session provides an overview of RDF syntaxes, explains how RDF vocabularies are defined through the Web Ontology Language (OWL) and demonstrates the application of these concepts in the BibFrame vocabulary.

Learning objectives for this session include
  • Review RDF concepts
  • Examine syntaxes for expressing RDF in machine-readable form
  • Introduce OWL and its role in defining vocabularies for RDF applications
  • Demonstrate how these technologies have been applied to the definition of BibFrame classes and properties
Homework Expectations
  • None
  • This event is open to group registration; no CEUs are available for this event.
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This course consists of a 1-hour session.
Instructor or (972) 340-2829