RSS Feeds on the Amigos Web Site

rss feed icon  RSS sends content to you via an RSS reader (or aggregator), so that you can receive updates from your favorite blogs, news sites, and other RSS-enabled sites automatically. Rather than visiting a site every day to check for new content, new content is sent to you. Where ever you see the RSS icon, you can subscribe to updates to that page.

First, you’ll need an RSS reader. Google Reader ( is one example, but there are many others on the Web. Then, just RSS link into the aggregator by right clicking on the RSS icon, copying the link, and pasting into your reader as a new feed.

RSS Feed TitleSubscription LinkDesciption
AmigosNowrss feed iconAll AmigosNow categories/articles combined into one feed
Conference Newsrss feed iconNotification of speakers, programs, registration information, and other items of interest as they are announced
Consulting Education Services Newsrss feed iconAmigos training course related news
General Newsrss feed iconAmigos General Information and News
Job Bankrss feed iconAmigos Member Job Opportunities
Member Discount Newsrss feed iconNotification of new products, product trials, and special offers requiring prompt action
Trans-Amigos Express Newsrss feed iconGeneral Trans-Amigos Express information as well as updates to the Amigos courier service